10 Questions for Looking Forward

I love a new year. Everything about a fresh start makes me smile. In order for the next year to be different than the one we just finished, we must be intentional in our lives and in our leadership. Asking reflective questions can help you begin your year with a plan and a purpose.

10 questions to ask when looking forward to the year to come:

  1. What is my one-word focus for the coming year?
  2. How do I want my team to describe my leadership in the coming year?
  3. What in my life needs to come to an end? What do I need to stop doing?
  4. What challenge(s) would I like to take on? Anything new I would like to learn?
  5. In what ways do I want to grow in the physical, spiritual, and relational areas of my life?
  6. In what ways do I want to grow in my leadership and professional life?
  7. Who is a few steps ahead of me in life, and who is a few steps behind me, and someone with whom I would like to cultivate relationships?
  8. What do I plan to do differently?
  9. Where do I want to visit this year?
  10. Why and how? (This is the follow-up question for each of your answers.)

For more questions to help you reflect on the past year, read this post on looking back on your year in leadership.

What questions would you add to the list above?

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