3 Traditions for Intentional Leaders

This time of year brings a lot of talk about family traditions. Our family has traditions I love (like enjoying dinner at a new restaurant with my husband’s parents instead of exchanging gifts) and loathe (that I can not mention here for fear of reprimanding). The traditions I look forward to most have deepened my relationships and changed my perspective. They bring a little predictable rhythm to my often un-predictable life.

Over the years I have found that traditions aren’t just for my family; they can bring great depth and meaning to my leadership, as well. The following are 3 traditions for intentional leaders you can try for yourself:

1)      Great Book Give-Away: Make a list of your top 5 reads of the year and why you chose them. Buy copies of your #1 book. Include your list, your favorite book, and a note and send/give to leaders who are just a few steps behind you in life.

2)      Looking Back/Looking Forward: Set aside a few hours for personal reflection. Use the time to answer questions about the past year in leadership and consider the year to come. Questions like: Did I meet my goals for the year? Are there any decisions I now regret? How do I want to lead differently in the year to come? (For more reflective questions, check out this post.)

3)      Choose a Challenge: Decide on one new challenge you will take on in the coming year. Your selection could be getting an article published or learning a new language. Whatever you choose, your challenge should be something that brings joy while stretching your limits.

What leadership traditions would you add to the list?

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