4 Questions to Maximize Your Leadership Conference Experience

leadership conferenceGo ahead and admit it because we’ve all done it.

We’ve all attended the latest and greatest leadership conference only to return to our lives and put the conference binder on the shelf – never to be looked at again. We are convinced, maybe even deeply convicted, that this is the new way we are going to lead. And then we return to work only to jump right back into our daily routine with no time or energy to implement any changes. It can make these great development experiences seem like a big waste of time and money.

In the next week I’ll be attending two conferences: Q Ideas focused on Women and Calling and the Dallas Theological Seminary All About Influence Conference.

I’ve noticed the key for me to get the most out of any leadership conference, workshop or seminar is to immediately pause, reflect, and connect the dots to my own leadership. The following are 4 questions I use to maximize my conference experience:

  1. Why did I attend this event?
  2. Who did I meet that I want to follow up with? How and when will I follow up with them?
  3. What lingering questions do I have about the conference content or experience? About my leadership?
  4. What action do I need to take as a result? How and when will I do this?
What questions would you add to help you get the most out of your conference experience?

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