A New Season

fall leaves

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about seasons lately.

How if the chill of winter never ended then the new life found in spring could never begin. How just when the Texas heat can’t possibly be more brutal, a leaf falls and autumn is around the corner. How each season is distinct and purposeful and never meant to last forever but designed to fuel and prepare for the next season to come.

And once again I find myself mulling over the seasons in my life and leadership: how I can’t rush through, wish away, or stay forever in one season or another. And how just like the calendar, one season of our leadership has to end before the next begins.

Necessary endings” as Henry Cloud calls them.

Leader friends, it’s with an overflowing heart I share with you I’m entering a new season in my leadershipNext week,  I will join the staff team of Valley Creek Church as the Director of Leadership Development. I am beyond grateful for an opportunity to partner with my home church in a way that continues to fulfill my purpose of empowering leaders to change the world. I’m giddy and nervous and over the moon excited about serving alongside leaders I respect and call friends.

Saying this best yes requires saying no to several commitments and opportunities in order to make space to focus on the new. I will be closing up my “leadership shop” and closing down the blog.

What a joy it has been to invest in your leadership these past few years. I look forward to what God has in store for us in the future!

Lead true and lead on,





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