Are You Gushing with Gratitude?

Simple ideas for expressing your thanks

Grateful leaders are a joy to work with. Leaders who take the initiative to express their appreciation are even more of a gift to those around them.

If expressing your gratitude doesn’t always come naturally to you, below are a few simple ideas to get you started today.

Specific ideas for WHOM to thank:

  • Team members, vendors, and clients who work with you.
  • Leaders and mentors who advocate for you.
  • Friends and family who encourage you.
  • Authors, artists, and speakers who inspire you.
  • Counselors, coaches, and clergy who support you.

Meaningful ideas for HOW to thank them:

  • A handwritten note.
  • A call or video message.
  • A public shout out via email or social media.
  • A treat they love to eat.
  • An introduction or referral to someone they would love to meet.
  • A gift they would never get themselves.

For even more ideas, check out my previous post, 5 Simple Ways to Thank Your Team. 

What’s the most meaningful way someone has expressed their thanks to you?




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2 thoughts on “Are You Gushing with Gratitude?

  1. After completing a project for my former principal back when I was still teaching, she gave me the most beautiful key-magnet for my purse in the shape of a crown (which she knew was the symbol of the ministry I ran). It was so thoughtful. I actually refuse to use it because I’m so fearful it will fall out of my purse and I’ll lose that memory!