Little if Questions Call for Big IF Prayers

sad about ice creamAs a leader, I thrive on asking questions.

Focused questions get me to the source of a sticky situation. Thoughtful questions spur on an intentional conversation. And powerful questions coach others into their potential.

But it’s the nagging, doubt-filled questions that can trip up my leadership. They hang around in my head after all is said and done. They catch me around the corner as I walk toward something new. They leave me feeling unsettled, unsure and flat-out scared.

“What if this isn’t as good as I thought it would be?” “What if I’ve made a terrible mistake?” “What if I’m not cut out for this?”

What if, if, if…

These are the “little if” questions. Filled with doubt, this line of questions chips away at my confidence and has me second-guessing my calling. This line of questioning calls for “big IF” prayers.

As in: IF You are in this, God, our efforts will be more than enough. IF You are lighting the way, I will follow the path. IF You have begun this work in me, I trust you will be faithful to complete it.

Unlike “little if” questions, “big IF” prayers are bold and filled with faith. Big IF prayers are expecting answers from the One who holds dearly all of our dreams, plans and purposes. As the author of your leadership story, God would love to hear your big IF prayers for your leadership today and for all of your tomorrows.

What little if questions in your leadership call for big IF prayers today?




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2 thoughts on “Little if Questions Call for Big IF Prayers

  1. Thank you Julie! You actually nailed my “little if” questions in your post. Basically the “What if I made a mistake?” scenario. Your reminder of God’s answers is exactly what I needed today and is an answer to prayer from last night. I love how God does that. He has begun this work in me and He will be faithful to complete it. Amen!

    • He WILL be faithful to complete it! Thanks for sharing, Sara – love it when we all show up and do our part and connections, reminders and AHA! moments result.