How will you invest in your leadership this year?

stockvault-money149270 investMaybe you have a leadership development plan for your team this year. You’ve got the funds allocated in your budget, the retreat days planned, the seminars and coaches secured. Good work, Leader Friend! Intentionally investing in your team’s growth will not only benefit the individual leadership but your organization, as well.

But what about your growth? What’s your plan for you? How will you invest in your leadership this year?

Spend some time today creating your plan for growth. Just follow these 3 steps to get started:

  1. Identify your need: What areas do you need to grow or strengthen? What expertise do you need for the next season? What skills do you need to master?
  2. Create a plan: What resources will help meet the need you identified for this year? What associations, books, conferences or skilled professionals will fit best? I will be trying out a couple of new membership communities this year.
  3. Add the plan to your calendar: Go ahead and register for events or classes. Join the associations. Contact the coach or mentor. Purchase the books, and plan when you will read them. And then put every last bit of it on your calendar. I just added a new conference to my calendar this morning!

Needing a little help creating your plan? Each Friday, I share with my subscribers my favorite leadership resources of the week. (You can subscribe here.) For even more ideas, the following posts include resources I recommend over and over:

How will you invest in your leadership this year? Encourage the community by sharing your plan below!


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3 thoughts on “How will you invest in your leadership this year?

  1. Love, love, LOVE all your tips and resources! You are so full of wisdom and I so appreciate you sharing this with the rest of us! Thank you!