Humble Pie, Anyone?

humble pie cutoutI’m a little obsessed with pie.

Beyond just sampling slices, I love to read about pie, talk about pie, and research pie recipes. When friends ask, “What’s up with all the pie posts on Facebook lately?” My answer is, “Pie R&D.”

Just like you, I’ve got my favorites: coconut cream, triple berry, deep dish apple, smooth french silk. And just to be fair, there are a few pies I could live without: cherry, mincemeat, grasshopper. (Really, grasshopper?)

But by far, my absolute least favorite pie of all is humble pie.

I’ve eaten a LOT of humble pie over the years. Served up by strangers, family, team members and bosses, I scarf it down with a scoop of shame. (Pie is always better a la mode, right?) After choking down the final bite, I get plenty of heartburn over the human error, the mistake, or the flat out sin that got me there in the first place. I play the scenario over and over in my mind trying to find someone else to blame. I ridicule myself for letting others down; for letting myself down.

I basically beat myself up for not being the perfect leader, mom, or friend. Or I find I had let pride and ego cloud my judgment or loosen my lips. And aren’t those just two of the ugliest qualities a leader can have? The insistence on perfection and the self-deception of pride? Not exactly the reputation I want to cultivate.

But what if humility became our hallmark?

What if leaders ate humble pie for breakfast?

The following are a few qualities of a leader fueled by humility:

  • A humble leader looks out for others and serves.
  • A humble leader expects occasional mistakes from herself and her team.
  • A humble leader has an accurate view of herself and her contribution.
  • A humble leader regularly shares credit and praise.
  • A humble leader is quick to accept responsibility, apologize, and make things right.

Those are the qualities I want to describe me and my leadership. I have to admit: I’m acquiring a taste for humble pie. (Now I have a great excuse for eating pie for breakfast!)

How about you? How would you describe a humble leader?


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