Julie’s Friday Favorites 10/30/15

Leadership Resources Worth the Look


Yesterday, I had pumpkin slime all over me and my hair.

This was twenty minutes before I needed to take one child to a piano lesson, another to grandmother’s house, and myself to a ministry fundraising dinner in downtown Dallas. And did I mention I serve on the board of directors for this ministry? Or that I was the emcee of the dinner? Or that the organization is named Polish: Refining the Details not Pumpkins: Seeds, Slime, and Smells?

Not so polished on my part.

Some days are like that, aren’t they? You find yourself in a sticky scenario fulfilling an overdue jack-o-lantern carving request and cleaning up far-flung pumpkin goo before collecting yourself and your thoughts while creeping along in traffic.

More often than not, our days don’t go quite like we planned. The project pitch is less than perfect. The nagging cough becomes a full blown infection. The launch gets pulled at the last second. The sometime soon becomes right now.

The seldom heralded hallmark of high performing leaders is resilience: to regroup and recover when life and leadership are just a little off. To let go of the expectation of perfection and get back up after a stumble or fall.

I hope these leadership resources give you the leadership boost you need to keep going and finish strong this week!

Lead True and Lead On,  Julie

A Few Links I Loved:

  1. Gifted for Leadership gave us an insider’s interview with Heather Larson, Executive Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in their post The Power of Leading by Influence.
  2. Let’s Grow Leaders shared 7 Strategic Questions Your Team Should Be Able to Answer.
  3. Two challenging posts about mentoring relationships: 10 Traits of Highly Effective Mentors from Michael Hyatt and How to Connect with Top Mentors Without Asking Them to Coffee from Jon Acuff’s blog.

From Conversation Cards: 5 Questions about Halloween 

Use these questions to spark fun and intentional conversation with your team, friends, and family this weekend!

  1. What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume?
  2. What movie still scares you like no other?
  3. What Halloween treat is your absolute favorite?
  4. Which trick or prank wins your “lifetime achievement award”?
  5. What real-life scare still gives you nightmares?

What I’m Recommending:

  • Propel Women Digital Magazine: The Propel Collective is an excellent and FREE resource for women leaders. Sign up to download it here. 
  • Coaching: Are you feeling stuck? Do you need fresh perspective? Leadership Coaching can help you sort through the haze and find clarity for action. Take a first step in reaching out to me to get started and get unstuck! (What are you waiting for?!)
  • Grown-up Halloween Treat: I make these no-trick, easy-to-make, best-ever peanut butter cups for my husband and I to enjoy Halloween night. (Because we deserve them after a long night of trick-or-treating with our boys. And because they pair perfectly with red wine and a slightly spooky movie.)

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