Julie’s Friday Favorites Leadership Resources for 10/2/15

Leadership Resources Worth the Look

It’s OK to have limits.

In case you’ve never heard this, never believed this, or never allowed this statement to be true in your life, allow me to speak this truth in love. Even leaders have limits. We have physical and emotional limits. We have resource and relationship limits. We have a limited number of hours in our day and a limited number of places we can be at one time.

As I type, I’m preparing to leave for a fun girlfriends trip to Paris of all places. Which means I’m fiercely focused to knock out my list before I turn on my out-of-office notice. Which really means I’m revising my list in light of my limits and saying no and pushing a few unrealistic to-do’s to next week. (Or never.)

While we may be limited in our lives and our leadership, we serve a God who is unlimited. Limitless in his grace. Limitless in his peace. Limitless in his love for us. Our limits are not a weakness to push past but a gift to point us back to the One who is unlimited: the unlimited supply of our leadership strength.

Blessings to you as you lead today,  Julie

Four Links I Loved:

  1. Thanks, Let’s Write That Down: a great word on criticism from Seth Godin.
  2. 7 Things There Will Never Be Enough Time For: truth for leaders from Carey Nieuwhof.
  3. 4 Basic Human Needs Leaders Must Meet to Have Engaged Employees
  4. 6 Simple Secrets to Traveling Internationally : timely tips since I’m traveling this week!

What I’m Recommending:

 Devotional Bible: Friends, I can’t begin to express the absolute honor it was to contribute devotionals to the newly released NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World. If you are needing a new Bible for you or a friend to encourage you in your life and leadership, consider this beautiful edition.

Pinterest Inspiration: Looking for leader resources? Need a yummy fall recipe? Follow me on Pinterest for plenty of inspiration and ideas for your life and leadership!

  • Coaching: Are you feeling stuck? Do you need fresh perspective? Leadership Coaching can help you sort through the haze and find clarity for action. Take a first step in reaching out to me to get started and get unstuck! (What are you waiting for?!)

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