Julie’s Friday Favorites Leadership Resources 10/9/15

Leadership Resources Worth the Look

I hope these leadership resources give you just the leadership boost you need to finish strong this week!

Lead True and Lead On,  Julie

Four Links I Loved:

  1. Mark Miller shares how to create a stop-doing list in The Courage to Change Course.
  2. How the Most Successful People Keep Track of Their Ideas: a collection of inspiration from Fast Company.
  3. Women in the Workplace: Three Questions to Ask Your Leaders: an excellent post from Forbes.
  4. For Ministry Leaders: How to Spot Rising Women Leaders from Gifted for Leadership.

What I’m Recommending:

 Devotional Bible: Friends, I can’t begin to express the absolute honor it was to contribute devotionals to the newly released NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World. If you are needing a new Bible for you or a friend to encourage you in your life and leadership, consider this beautiful edition.

Pinterest Inspiration: Looking for leader resources? Need a yummy fall recipe? Follow me on Pinterest for plenty of inspiration and ideas for your life and leadership!

  • Coaching: Are you feeling stuck? Do you need fresh perspective? Leadership Coaching can help you sort through the haze and find clarity for action. Take a first step in reaching out to me to get started and get unstuck! (What are you waiting for?!)

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