Julie’s Friday Favorites Leadership Resources 1/15/16

Leadership Resources Worth the Look

Intentional is my one word focus for 2016.

This year I want to be even more intentional in every area of my life: my relationships, my work, my words, my time, my influence, and my resources.

I am intentionally choosing to simplify in order to be present in each situation. I am intentionally saying no to good opportunities in order to say yes to the best opportunities for me. I am intentionally choosing to put hard-to-nail-down dates on the calendar in order invest in relationships. I am choosing to slow down my responses in order to give an intentional and thoughtful word when needed.

What is your one word focus for 2016 and how is it shaping your leadership so far?

Lead True and Lead On, Julie

A Few Links I Loved:

  1. Powerful questions bring reflection and clarity. Seth Godin shared a superior list in his post, 10 Questions for Work that Matters.
  2. Fast Company offered practical responses you can use today in 5 Ways to Respond When Someone Rejects Your Idea. (So. Stinking. Good.)
  3. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life and leadership. Ron Edmonson gives us 7 Things Every Leader Needs To Quit.

What I’m Recommending for Intentional Living:

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