Julie’s Friday Favorites Leadership Resources 12/4/15

Leadership Resources Worth the Look

Happy Friday, Leader! I hope your Thanksgiving was refreshing (and delicious) and filled with memory making moments.

In lieu of meeting you for a gingerbread latte, I hope these leadership resources give you just the boost you need today!

Lead True and Lead On, Julie

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A Few Links I Loved:

  1. Because we’ll all be making the rounds this month, Inc. shared How to Win Your Next Promotion at the Office Holiday Party.
  2. I wish there was no need for this post, but since there most definitely is, Fast Company gave us How to Survive 8 Straight Hours of Meetings.
  3. John Maxwell asked: This Christmas, Will You Be Intentional Making Memories?
  4. This Simple Rule that Can Make Life More Fun applies to every aspect of my life and leadership. (Every. Single. One.)

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