The Most Important Question We Need to Ask (and Answer)

forest looking up by kim danielAs leaders, we ask all kinds of questions.

We ask for an update on the project. We ask about the health of a loved one. We ask for a reference. We ask if this is really the best way to move forward. We ask how we can help. We ask if we can rearrange our meeting schedules. We ask where she got those great shoes. We ask about kids and carpool and referrals for roof repair.

But the number one question we neglect to ask is perhaps the question that matters most:

How is it with your soul?

Maybe we don’t ask this question because we don’t really want to know the answer. Maybe we don’t ask the question because we don’t want it to be asked of us.

Maybe it’s because you’re in a spiritual desert of sorts. Your soul feels dry and you haven’t felt God’s presence or heard his voice in so long. You’re afraid if you admit this to your friend who appears to be a spiritual giant that she’ll judge you or throw her Bible at you or not have a clue what you’re talking about. Or maybe you’re afraid you won’t know how to respond if your leader friend is feeling the exact same way.

It’s easier to not ask. To not invite the accountability. To not be vulnerable. Believe me, do I ever get it.

But what if we dared to go there?

What if we invited a few of those close leader friends who love Jesus and want to bring glory to Him with their lives and leadership, what if we cared for the soul of our leadership together?

What if we checked in on each other’s souls like we check in on each other’s roommates? What if we cared just as much about the spiritual strength of our leadership as we did the next advancement opportunity? What if we prayed for our friend to encounter the Comforter as much as we try to comfort her ourselves?

What would our leadership, our teams, our organizations look like then?

Who can you ask to join you on this journey? Who can help you care for the soul of your leadership?

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