Leadership Q&A: What helps you grow as a leader?

growthOne of the questions I receive most often from other leaders is this:

“What helps you grow as a leader? And how do you help your team do the same?”

With so many demands on your time and so many resources available, where do you start? This question led me to create a “Friday Favorites” email with my favorite leadership resources from the week as a special treat for those who subscribe to my blog (you can receive it too, by going here to subscribe).

In addition to new experiences and spending time with great leaders, the following are 3 sources of consistent fuel for my leadership growth:

1. Books: Whether by myself or with my book club, reading challenging books fuels my growth as a leader. In addition to the fiction and memoirs on my nightstand, my summer leadership reading list includes:

2. Podcasts/Blogs: A few of my favorite leadership blogs and podcasts to follow include:

3. Experiences: Fully immersing myself with an expert’s ideas can be rejuvenating – whether for a few hours or a few days. A few experiences I recommend include:

While an abbreviated list, I hope you find one or two new sources of fuel for your growth this summer. Choose one to share and explore with your team or peers.

What resources fuel YOUR leadership growth?


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2 thoughts on “Leadership Q&A: What helps you grow as a leader?

  1. You left out my favorite one! How about talking with other leaders about their struggles/victories/worries/frustrations? I find the best and most often most encouraging growth for me comes from the insight I get from my peers walking a similar road. They have insights into my leadership that I often don’t see and because they know me, they can point out blind spots and areas to watch out for. I would say the company I keep is my greatest tool for leadership growth!

    • totally agree with that one Jen! Spending time with other leaders fuels my growth as well- along with new experiences like trying new things, visiting new places…Thankful for leader friends like you who help fuel my growth with every conversation!