Leaving God Out of Your Leadership

woman climbing ladderI have a Christian leadership confession: there have been times (more than I would like to admit) when I’ve found myself leaving God out of my leadership. Completely out. I rocked along proudly thinking I was wildly successful only to discover my leadership was seriously lacking. (Empty and fruitless, really.) I would go it alone without the One who made me a leader in the first place.

You would never lead this way. But just in case you’re interested, let me share three ways you, too, might be leaving God out of your leadership:

1) Strive. Rely on your own strengths, skills, and brilliance. Work yourself into a frenzy to “make it happen.” Force situations and relationships and opportunities when they just aren’t happening.

2) Be accessible 24/7: Keep your smart phone at your side all the time. Throw office hours and work boundaries out the window. Consider sleep, play, refreshment, and Sundays as fuel for slackers.

3) Decide in a vacuum: Make decisions as fast as you can. Consider only your thoughts and perspective. Look for answers that benefit you and your needs alone.

So how did I let God back in? How do I daily try to shift from me leading for God to leading with God? My next three posts will focus on the big mistakes and small changes God has used to change my leadership approach radically.

In what ways have you left God out of your leadership in the past?


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2 thoughts on “Leaving God Out of Your Leadership

    • Hi Debbie – glad the title caught your attention! These are the things we do un-intentionally. My next 3 posts will focus on how to intentionally lead WITH God – lessons learned the hard way!