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Conversation Cardsconversation cards in action

Conversation Cards


Have you ever wondered why some groups really connect and others hardly know each other at all?
Have you ever listened with envy to the lively lunch next to you while your table sticks to small talk?
Wonder what makes the difference?
Intentional conversations sparked by powerful questions.

Purchase Conversation Cards for your groups to get the conversation started, and keep it going!

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Product Description

conversation cards in action
Ideal for teams, small groups, friends and families, Conversation Cards offer:
  • 240 powerful connection questions
  • 48 engaging topics like Adventure, Holidays, and Heroes
  • Practical tips for facilitating intentional conversations
Conversation Cards are an excellent resource for:
  • Team building meals or retreats
  • Dinner parties with friends
  • Ministry small groups
  • Family get-togethers

Here’s what other leaders have to say about Conversation Cards:

“I see ways I can use Conversation Cards in my Bible studies, with the volunteer teams I lead at church, etc. I love the variety of topics and directions the questions take us. They are more than ice breaker questions; they provoke some thinking that lead us to knowing each other better and also provide opportunities to have some good belly laughs. I can’t wait to use them!” Dee Ann Rainwater, ProvenWay Ministries