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Play, Team, Play! e-book


As leaders, we aren't very, hmm, how should I say this? We aren't usually the “fun” ones in the office. Who has time for team building and playing around when there's all this work to be done, right?!

But great leaders know that working hard and playing hard go hand in hand. Your team needs you to lead them not only in purposeful work, but in purposeful play as well.

Whether you lead teams large or small, with paid staff members or volunteers, at a business or non-profit, this book is for you! With an easy to reference format and 12 themes to choose from, Play, Team, Play! is your secret “play book” for team building success.

Download your copy of Play, Team, Play! to start playing your way to a stronger team today!

Product Description

What’s included:

  • 12 themed chapters like Creative Inspiration, Foodie Fun and Photo Opp for creating your own 1/2 day or full day of team building
  • Countless activity ideas and instructions
  • Menu recommendations
  • Icebreaker questions for intentional conversation
  • Facilitator tips and checklists

Here’s what other leaders have to say about Play, Team, Play!

“It’s every leader’s dream to work with a team of bright, creative, responsible leaders. But once you have those leaders in your organization the challenge becomes equipping them as individuals and creating an atmosphere of connectedness as a whole. This handbook is your go-to guide for practical ways to grow in unity as team.” Kat Armstrong – Owner of BabyBowTie.com and co-founder Polish Ministries 

“We used activities from Play, Team, Play! with women leaders at a Bible School in Southern Mexico. It was fun and completely doable cross culturally. The Mexican women said that even though they had worked together for many years, the activity helped them share more honestly from their lives.” Lesa Engelthaler – Senior Associate, Victory Search Group and Team Lead, Women’s Mission Trips, Woodcreek Church