How to Recover from the Leadership Crash

02_getty_rm_photo_of_crash_test_dummy_in_wrecked_carIn my last post, I talked about an experience common to my leadership: the crash. In short, the crash is a physical and emotional adrenaline hangover of sorts. This wall of disillusionment and doubt seems to slam into me out of nowhere after wrapping up an intense initiative. Even my successful accomplishments can seem dismal in the middle of this perspective-shattering collision.

Ever been there in your leadership?

In the Bible, we see the story of a prophet named Elijah who had poured out until he was spent (1 Kings 17-19). His significant season of “successful” ministry was met with a death threat from the queen. So he runs for his life (literally) and retreats to the wilderness. And there in the wilderness, under the shade of a broom tree, he crashes and recovers.

In this story, we see Elijah do three things that would serve us well in our own crash recovery: he sleeps, he eats, and he listens for God.

  1. Sleep: Go to bed early. Sleep in. Take a nap. Give yourself permission to get some extra shut-eye and let your body and mind rest from the hard work.
  2. Eat: You may not be eating angel food cake like Elijah, but you can plan ahead for a nourishing, no-extravagant-effort-necessary meal. For me, this looks like indulging in a favorite comfort food or dining out at one of our go-to restaurants (you know, the one where the wait staff knows our names, and we always order the same things).
  3. Listen for God: Carve out time for activities that help you connect with your Creator in a meaningful way. Listen for his voice, and look for evidence of his care.

At this stage in my leadership, I can decrease my recovery time by intentionally preparing for the aftermath of the crash. A little TLC does my leadership a world of good.

What about you? How do you recover from the crash? What helps you refresh and refuel?

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3 thoughts on “How to Recover from the Leadership Crash

  1. I sleep in as long as I can the day after (when possible) and stay in bed and read a book, journal, read the Bible and don’t talk to anyone. If I can take a 1/2 day like this, or even up to 2pm, it does wonders to rejuvinate me.