Your Top Priority Today: Show Up & Shine

sparkler by Morgan SessionsLeader friend, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate today.

Meetings. Errands. Lists. Deadlines. Emails. (And more emails.)

I also know you’ve got at least one thing, if not several things, you’re dreading.

The presentation with the horribly awful client. The review with your never-pleased boss. The phone call with your “seriously concerned about you” sister. The hallway interaction with the intimidating new guy.

You’ve got a team that needs you. Friends and family depending on you. All the demands and expectations and pressures are enough to tempt you to fake it, sharpen your claws, or shrink with fear.

For the love of all things leadership, please don’t.

Please don’t give in to the temptation to pretend to be someone you’re not or tie on your Superwoman cape.

Please don’t let fools win by engaging in petty gossip, futile word wars, or senseless shows of ego.

And please don’t let fear keep you hiding behind a desk or behind a mask.


What your team, your organization, me and the rest of the world need more than anything else we may be asking for is you.¬†That’s why your top priority today is not meeting that deadline or pleasing that client or checking off that list.

Your top priority today is to show up and shine.

What’s needed most is for you to show up. Show up with your ideas, your perspective, your style, your experience. We need you to show up and shine in a way that only you can. Here are a few ways you can show up and shine today:

  • Show up with the Savior. Sit with him, listen to him. Let him remind you that you are first and foremost his daughter and that he delights in the way he made you. Lean into him and let him stir your heart. Let him reveal where he is already at work and ask how you can join in.
  • Show up with your words. Speak up and say the hard truth about the blind spot. Ask the powerful question. Share the compliment¬†you always think but never say aloud. Voice the encouragement, the concern, the reality, and the hope.
  • Show up with your presence. Physically put yourself in close proximity to the production problem so you can see the solutions more clearly. Visit the leader friend who needs to see your supportive face in person. Say no to the non-essentials so you can say your best yes with your attention and energy.

Leader friend, if I sound like I’m pleading with you it’s because I am. As a new friend once told me, “your leadership is your art.” We need you to show up and shine through the art of your leadership today.


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2 thoughts on “Your Top Priority Today: Show Up & Shine

  1. Wow…I’m stunned. How desperately I needed to hear those comforting and empowering words today! Life is not all about productivity. Sometimes the most productive day ends with all the boxes unchecked, because sadly, the most important things don’t make it to the To Do list.

    Listen attentively.
    Respond respectfully.
    Return kindness for criticism.
    Be gracefully fierce.

    Thank you, Julie!