Leading Out of the Overflow: Soul Care Series


If you’re like me, sometimes you give and give and give to your team, your boss, your family, your friends, until there is just nothing left. You’re bone dry. Empty. Depleted.

Ever been there or is it just me?

A couple of years ago, I shared a 4 part series on Soul Care for Leaders. Because we can’t lead out of emptiness and because we can’t lead apart from God, I shared a few of the lessons I had learned trying to do just that. I thought it would be beneficial to share all the posts again, in case you find yourself in that empty place in your leadership, today.

Our God wants us to live and lead out of the overflow.

I hope this series will point you to the Source of strength more sustaining than a triple shot of espresso. He wants to overwhelm us with overflow. If we’ll come to Him over and over again for a refilling of His grace, His love, His patience, His peace, will splash over the edge and onto those around us. And isn’t that what our team really needs from us?

3 Ways to Leave God Out of Your Leadership

Leading with God Part 1: Abide

Leading with God Part 2: Rest

Leading with God Part 3: Dicernment

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