Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Direction

direction signsAs spiritual leaders, we are constantly seeking God for direction:

  • Is it time to make a change?
  • Which person do I hire?
  • What’s the vision for this ministry?
  • Which way should I go from here?

And sometimes in our leadership, it can be really hard to hear from Him. We are deaf from all the┬ádistracting noise. Or we just aren’t sure if we are hearing Him correctly at all.

An excellent resource for a spiritual leader is a Spiritual Director. Spiritual Directors are trained professionals who help you listen for how God is moving in your life and leadership. Over time, the ministry of spiritual direction can help you become more aware of God’s presence, discern His direction and will, and receive His guidance. While a good Spiritual Director will not tell you what to do, they will help you seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Direction has been an essential part of leadership for me. Through confidential conversations with my Spiritual Director, I have found a tool for caring for my soul, a second set of ears to help me listen for God’s direction, and a dear companion for my spiritual leadership journey.

If you are interested in finding out more about the ministry of Spiritual Direction, talk to your church’s pastor or see the Evangelical Center for Spiritual Wisdom. Their site includes an overview of spiritual direction and a list of their trained and certified directors. I also have several friends who are certified Spiritual Directors that I would be happy to recommend – just email me with your interest at Julie@empoweredbypierce.com.

What resources help support your spiritual leadership?

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