Training under Julie is like being with an amazingly perceptive and encouraging best friend. I often refer leaders to Julie because of her sincere passion and well-rounded skill set. She’s fresh and innovative – comfortable and clever. Time with Julie is always time well spent!

Terri Burnett
ProvenWay Ministries

Julie showed a sincere desire to help us win with her very approachable, calm, and discerning spirit. It was a time that was very enjoyable. By the time I left, I felt as if I made a new friend. I’m grateful for the way she continues to be available as I come up against different issues."

Trish Monahan
Director of Women’s Ministries, Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock

Julie thrives in situations where she is able to take a group of individuals who are meeting for a common purpose and allow them to collaborate and get to an end goal. She has an amazing talent at listening, directing and guiding the group to consensus.

Kiley Haught
Vice President of Client Relations, CARES by Apartment Life

Julie Pierce is gifted at bringing people together and helping them to see how they can accomplish tasks much bigger than themselves by identifying common passions and working together. She is very good at using creative solutions to solving difficult problems. I am frequently amazed at how Julie can stand in front of a large group with no notice and articulate meaningful and complex ideas with simplicity and relevance to her audience.

Katherine Drennan Holloway
U.S. Coordinator, African Women's Initiatives for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM)

I came into Julie's office with a foggy vision and a bunch of scattered ideas. She patiently asked pointed questions and keenly listened to my responses. Before long she was capturing my vision as she wrote themes, categories and charts on the white board. By the end of our time I could see my vision written out and I knew what steps I needed to take to achieve it. If you have something in you, something you want to put into action but you have no idea how to get started, Julie can help you get there.

Dr. Jackie Roese
Author, Founder, The Marcella Project

Julie Pierce is an energetic, focused problem-solver and idea champion. She motivates others to join in and succeed as a team, sharing challenges and successes, always moving toward desired outcomes. Julie is fun to work with, and in our time together she helped me discern the path to productivity.

Don Bernstein
Alumni Relations Manager, Biola University

Julie Pierce is a gifted communicator! Whether speaking to a huge crowd, facilitating a group discussion to solve problems or create ideas, or sitting across from you in a coaching session . . . she makes you feel like she really “gets” you. She understands how to draw out tough issues, challenge you to deal honestly with yourself and others, and bring clarity to the most confusing life moments.

Deb McCormick
Founder, TEAMed UP

Julie Pierce is a wonderful communicator with a clear passion for people, ministry, and the Lord. She speaks with confidence, knowledge backed by research, and has a firm grasp on the current issues of today. Julie does a great job connecting with her audiences and providing relevant, trendy, and practical advice. She is a gifted facilitator, coach, and encourager and has a knack for inspiring ideas, enthusiasm, and change.

Christy Gandy
Director of Global Missions, Dallas Baptist University

Julie Pierce is a great communicator and gifted facilitator. She has the unique ability to get to the heart of what needs to be said and heard. Whether she’s speaking or consulting, Julie is very capable of sharing needed truth in a respectful and intentional way. I appreciate that she not only adds value but that she also takes time to listen and clarify before jumping to solutions and next steps. Personally, I’ve learned the most in creative sessions led by Julie. She thoughtfully sets up not only the environment but also the tone, so that people from different viewpoints and backgrounds can truly engage with each other to create something that reaches a larger audience more effectively. I highly recommend Julie Pierce. Her insightful questions and varied experiences will challenge and stretch you.

Cara Martens
Research, Product Development, Writer at reThink Group

When I left IBC 7 years ago for a full time faculty position at DTS, some people thought I was crazy to leave the ministry to women in the hands of such a young leader. But I knew Julie Pierce! Julie excels in seeing the big organizational picture, working with people, and communicating with creativity and clarity. Combine these skills with her energetic work ethic and you have the makings of a stellar leader, a leader of leaders. Team up with Julie and she will take your ministry or organization to a new level of excellence."

Dr. Sue Edwards
Author, Associate Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary

Julie is an exceptionally intuitive and proactive leader that cares about people and gets results. She loves developing people in a way that brings out their best work and produces wins for their organization. She is soulful, intelligent, focused, positive and creative.”

Sharon Swing
Executive Director, Author, oneLife Maps, LLC

Julie Pierce is a leader that people want to follow. In our relationship, she inspired mutual commitment to our goals and motivated me to excel beyond what I perceived as my own limitations. And if that wasn't enough, she's a genuinely fun and kind person to be around. What else can I say? It's not a difficult task to recommend someone like Julie. She's the genuine article.

Stephen Boudreau
Web Designer and Co-founder of Ascendio

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