The Art of Leadership

Artist Mixing PaintsEver need to be reminded of your contribution? A reminder of how your particular wiring, calling, and gifting is of great significance to the world around you and to God? One such reminder for me came from an unassuming stranger: a man named Daniel.

One scorching afternoon last summer, Daniel and his buddy Ben showed up at the church where I was on staff. They were homeless (and thirsty) and had heard from a friend we might be able to help them out. I got them glasses of water, and we sat down and chatted about our families and their needs.

We were sitting on comfy couches in a large, open space with beautiful paintings and photographs all around us. As they admired the art, they asked what it was exactly I did at the church. I told them I was a pastor and led the communications team. I explained that I got to work with creatives who told stories about what God was doing in the lives of people in our church through words and art. I was quick to clarify that I did not actually design–that I had no artistic ability; I just led the team in a way that would hopefully let their talents shine. Without missing a beat, Daniel looked at me and said, “Your leadership is your art.”

Your leadership is your art.

Daniel gave me two gifts in his words: the gift of perspective and appreciation of the art of leadership.

As leaders, what if we approached each day as a blank canvas and our leadership as the art God was creating through us? Every dynamic conversation layering a new color; every difficult decision bringing a new dimension to the scene.

Like great artists, are we inviting and pursuing inspiration at every turn? And what if we allowed our art to be critiqued and and our technical skills pushed and improved by the masters? Even further, what if we were content with our leadership legacies being appreciated by some and not others?

God used an unsuspecting homeless man to remind me that my leadership is beautiful and complex, just like the art created by my team. And my view of leadership will forever be changed because of it.

What kind of art is God creating through your leadership today?


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