How will you strengthen your soul this year?

devotionalIn my last post, I asked how you will invest in your leadership growth this year. I offered three steps (and lots of resource recommendations) to get you started in creating and implementing your own plan for growth.

But what about your spiritual growth? The soul of your leadership? How will you care for, cultivate and strengthen your soul this year?

As spiritual leaders, our souls are at the very core of our leadership. Just like with our physical bodies, when we neglect to strengthen the core of our leadership, we risk further injuries along the way.

Pull away from the day-to-day this week, and consider how you will care for your soul this year. Make a plan, and schedule it in your calendar. The following are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Schedule a regular, weekly Sabbath rest.
  • Participate in a spiritual retreat. Maybe a silent retreat or a retreat sponsored by your church would be just right. (I loved my time away a couple of years ago at Laity Lodge in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.)
  • Dive deeper into the Bible with friends through a small group Bible study at your church or with neighbors. (Not sure where to start? Try one of these studies from my friends Dr. Sue Edwards, Margaret Feinberg or Dr. Jackie Roese.)
  • Memorize Scripture verses to help bring to mind truths you want to apply.
  • Try out a new-to-you spiritual discipline. Read Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership or Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton for introductions to several practices.
  • Partner with a certified Spiritual Director to accompany you on the journey.

How will you strengthen your soul this year? Share your approach in the comments below!

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